Will Nicole convince mom-in-law to get a Nintendo DS

Who knows what she will want to play... Big Brain Academy? Professor Layton? Platinum Sudoku? Probably not Mario Kart! :D


Notre euphorbe...

... non seulement a survécu à son premier hiver, mais semble adorer ce début de printemps!

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My new DSi

So I got my new DSi on Friday!

First impression is that it's a cool machine. In fact, behaves a bit like a small Wii... applications are like Wii channels. Firmware is now upgradable over WiFi... very nice.

I like...

- The photo application (kids can play hours with this one that you get for free).
- The music player... which comes for free as well and lets you play music and tweak it as you play.

I hate...

- That the photo application can't open JPGs that were created on some other device than the DS. Basically prevents me from using photos that I've taken before acquiring the DS... or with a... better camera, to have them always with me.

- The music player... which can't play MP3s... what's the thing with Nintendo? The Wii's Mii Channel used to be able to play MP3s... now can't anymore... and the DSi can't either. You can only play AAC.

Now I'm not going to recode all my MP3s.

And I'm not about to take pictures of my nice JPGs off the screen of my PC to have them on the DSi.

So where does that leave me? Homebrew! Yes. I'll still be using Moonshell.

But wait. DSi can't run most of the old Flashcards... That's OK! There's a new kid on the block... called the Acekard... runs nicely on the DSi. I've just ordered one. Watch this space in a few days when I receive it!

For now, I've moved my savegames from Animal Crossing and Mario Kart from the CycloDS Evolution that they were on, back to the original cartridges (yes, I don't use homebrew to avoid buying games - I use it to have all my games on a single cartridge everywhere - I still buy the games).

Une cuiller de trop...

Enfin, 5cm de trop...haut!

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