Le jardin pour la neige!

Ce jour, nous avons signé l'achat de notre nouvelle maison, et il fait (enfin) un merveilleux temps d'hiver! Quel bonheur!


And now the snow is really here!

Yesterday it was starting to fall, but now it's really all over the place! Fun day in perspective!


Snow in Geneva!

Maybe Winter is finally arriving here (it's about freaking time, too). Traffic will be fun when I leave the office in about an hour or so!


Les Bains de Saillon

Le repas avec vue sur la piscine et la montagne enneigée.


First Sushi

Sima's first sushi and she did it with chop sticks! She is ready for Japan!

Sima wa sushi no sensei desu (if my Japanese memories aren't too far gone)


Barbie Suitcases?

I couldn't believe my eyes! Samsonite is actually selling there pink suitcases! Of course, this can only be in London...