Only the Swiss could do it!

A miniature, candle powered, raclette heater... Thanks Nicole for that great present! I love my wife!


Girls can drive heavy machinery too!

Go Sima!

Child labor?

Or Cyrian the builder?

Adding some matter to the property...

Next I'll get some ANTI-matter from the CERN across the lake to turn on the heater...


Samsung Galaxy S has good reception... regardless of how you hold it...

Fun statement on the top of the Samsung Galaxy S page at Samsung UK :
"Receiving a good reception

Samsung Electronics remains committed to designing safe, reliable and attractive mobile phones that meet our strict design and industry-leading quality standards. Based on years of experience of designing high-quality phones, Samsung mobile phones employ an internal antenna design technology that optimises reception quality for any type of hand grip."

Take this, #Apple #iPhone ! :D


Even more fun!

2000 m2 of JoueClub! Oh... my... god!

Next to my hotel...

... some fun to be had!


Shower with the elements...

... and a certain amount of clothing!

Sima qui lit pour Cyrian...

Sur le hammac... le soir apres une longue journee.

I'm about to eat this pizza!

Want a piece of this?


Cyrian's got teeth!

Thing is... they belong to Ainoha...

Ainoha loves chocolate mousse

Anybody wants some too?