Clementine et Julien a Yvoire

Une petite glace a la fraise?

Good news!

My suitcase is about to board the SAME plane that I'm on! :-)

Just about ready to fly home...

... weather permitting, of course!

That's one way to slow down...

On a CRJ200... It had been some time since I had seen airbrakes in action while up in the air... Usually they are used to slow down the plane on the runway!


Tasting Bushmills Whiskey with Alec Muffett at home...

1608 400th anniversary edition, 16 years old, and 21 year old rare ... What a treat!


Le diner est serviiiiiiiii!

Fois gras et Sauternes (sauf pour les enfants) en entree... qui teste le Chouchen avec le fois gras?


Le salut final de I Puritani avec la sublime Diana Damrau au milieu

Et merci a ma Nicole qui a eu la merveilleuse idee de nous prendre les places!