Why I like staying at Hilton...

A few days ago I stayed at the Hilton Diagonal Mar, in Barcelona, for a conference. Yet another big international hotel, you'll say. Sure. But...

When I left the hotel, I forgot (I realized when arriving home) the charger for my electrical shaver (my favorite Braun 340 Wet & Dry) in the bath room.

I had just received the satisfaction survey e-mail from my stay, so I added a comment saying that I had forgotten the charger for my shaver... after a few mail exchanges telling them where I thought I had forgotten it, the house keeping service went and looked in the room, and found it.

They posted it to me directly, no questions asked (appart from "what is your postal address?). I just got it today.

That's service for you. And that's why I like Hilton.
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