Where should WikiLeaks find a home?`

It seems that all options for WikiLeaks are being, one at a time, removed from them. They lost a hoster, they lost another. They lost their DNS provider.

It's a whole world unhappy about their disclosing information that is sometimes to close to home to be comfortable.

But I think they have a good case going for them. In fact, I hate it when governments and corporations hide too many things from us... well, from ME, in particular.

So? Where should WikiLeaks go? They need a place where somebody can't remove their internet connection, can't raid their servers, and can't remove their entries from DNS.

There is just the place on the internet. It's called the "Tor Project".

TOR is very simple. It's a distributed network, and as such, hosted all over the place, in small individually useless bits, accessed through an encrypted, obfuscated channel. Each file is identified not by a specific name, but by a hash. If you know the hash, you get the file. Nobody can stop you.

Full web sites can be hosted on TOR. For as long as somebody shows an interest in a file (i.e. reads it from time to time) it stays hosted on the network. After a time of inactivity, it decays.

When an individual accesses TOR (to read or post) it's through encrypting proxies that completely mask everything the user is accessing (content, file address, size, source, destination of packets). It's completely anonymous and untrackable.

WikiLeaks should head for TOR and stay there... forever!
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