Is Google infected? Est-ce que Google est infecte?

Hello, readers!
I have found something disturbing. Using Firefox with flash plugin enabled (11.2 r202) at least, whether on Linux or Windows, even with a machine installed from scratch so I know my software isn't infected. If I go to http://www.google.com/ and search for "cristal perrignier". The list that comes up is correct. The first site is called : "Centre Source de Cristal - Accueil". If you hover the link with the pointer, it displays the correct URL : www.centrecristal.com . Actually, if you manually click on http://www.centrecristal.com/ here in this e-mail, you get taken to a web page that works perfectly. But if you click on the link provided by Google (and rewritten by ... google ? to enable them to track you) you get taken to a malware site...
If you disable Shockwave Flash, no more problem.
If, as I said, you just directly go to http://www.centrecristal.com/ , no problem.
It's only if you click on the link provided by Google.com's search results.
I've experienced this on Windows, and Linux. As long as Flash is installed.
I am tempted to think this is Google that is infected... but it's a bit big, don't you think?

Happens to big guys too?

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